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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Result Ept and APT

huhu...i just collected my EPT and Apt results slip...EPT stand for english plcement test while APT stands for arabic placement test n know what? i just got level 1 for my arabic n level 6 for my english..what a shame...huhu..well, maybe that's the right thing for me...i can learn arabic once again and who knows that maybe after this i'll be able to speak in arabic very well...really hope so...this is what happened because i main2 waktu belajar arab kat skola dulu...but after entering mciium, i just gor some spirit to learn arabic n i dunno why that happen...malu sgt waktu nak beli buku arab td, my fren is exempted i do not need to buy those arabic books but me? have to buy the kamus bergambar!!! just like when i was in primary school..haha..must leran everything once again....sebabnye kwn saye leh exampted sbb english n arabic kat sini ikut cos sciences, econs, aed and engin, their arabic level just 1 but for me the law student must be in maximum level 4..hah...sooo tired..of cosla for those who are taking irk n bar, their arabic level must be the highest....

eden pon tengah pening ni whether nak amik sivil sahaja or with syariah...i stil blur2 with that...i want to take both but if i take it in here, maybe i'll be studying here for 2 years! surely all my fren have gone to gombak. but if they say i can buat syariah at gombak it will be easier for me. that means, i just have to study sivil here n my semester here will be shorter, insyaAllah. But, i just dunno bout it. tomorrow i'll have my course briefing so i really hope that all my question will be answered there or if not, i must speak myself to the speaker....wawawawa..susahnye nak speaking kat sini..gagap loh....apepun, i must..hey..this is what i chose so i must do the best to be the very best here.....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Matriculation Centre

here i am now.....the gateaway of garden knowledge and cc rite now..just finish taaruf week and global player development program (GPDP)....fuhh..wat a week! so tired last week....the time was sooo pack....there's no time to even take a breath..hehe...there's so many thing that i want to share here about last week but i dun have enuf time to tell now because there's so many brothers coming here..there's just two of us who r gurls that is me and my fren, think i want to stop now and tell all of my story later..ok? so, see yaaaa.....pray for my succes in study here ok....sori cos my english is not sooooo gud..must learn more here..hehe....